Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We survived

We made it through today, barely. I went to the conference but the teacher wasn't expecting me (the office didn't let the teacher know I switched my day to today) so I will be going back on Friday, which is good because I will be at the school anyway bringing 40 mini corn muffins (that I am making because I can't find them at any store), 40 little cartons of milk (purchased from the cafeteria for $14.00) and 20 plastic spoons-all for the November birthday/thanksgiving party at school. The prince will be 7 in nine days. It's breaking my heart that he is so big.

We went to dance class and found out that her creative movement class will be performing at the Mcallum in June and the costume deposit was already due. I don't know where I have been-(oh wait I was chasing my screaming 2 year-old boys around the dance studio. the past two weeks I haven't had to bring them because the nurse has been here she is so wonderful)-that I didn't know about the performance. So after dance we planned on driving out to yellow mart in Indio to get a cub scout uniform for a very excited cub scout. There was major construction that I had to park very far away and carry the princess through the mud and we had to enter through the back service entrance-it was crazy, I am so glad I didn't have the boys with me!
So they didn't have his size-only youth XL, that would definitely not fit him! So, devastated we left and drove to little Caesars for 2 $5 pizzas and cash back so I could drive back to the dance studio and pay for the costume. Then we had to rush back home before the wonderful nurse had to leave at 6. We got home at 5:50-awfully close! Then the munchkin threw up for the 3rd time today. I think I have figured it out I think it is a combination of teeth pain and we need to change our air filter. He is our air filter sensor, when he starts throwing up-it's time to change the filter. I would prefer that he let us know another way :)

Well that was our Crazy, Crazy day today. I know that many of you will breath a sigh of relief that this day didn't happen to you :) Oh, and I am trying to keep on top of updating my blog, soon maybe I can update and be able to comment on your blogs-I do read every one's blogs-just so you know.


Danielle said...

Kristen, what a day! I had the same experience last week purchasing Jordan's cub scout uniform. I had to park far away too, cart Anna through the mud and way too close to a trench know. Then I was especially frustrated when I realized there was parking in back by the service entrance. Are you going to order his uniform at or make the trip to Redlands?

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

What a day! Hope you were able to have a nice quiet bubble bath with a huge mug of relaxing tea:) If I count the days that I end with tea and bubbles...well, I can't count that high:)

Genny said...

Sorry it was so tough, but I'm glad you made it! That is exciting that you will get to go see your daughter at the McCallum!