Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Glorious Day!

Today has really gone well (besides the COMPLETE meltdown in the grocery store from the munchkin) We started off by earning a cub scout patch because we dropped off canned food with the scout people (I am still trying to understand this whole cub scout thing) While talking to the head lady we mentioned that we tried to get the uniform but couldn't and I asked if we needed the belt she said"I happen to have one in my car that he can have" He gasped with delight! Then we did some grocery shopping-I really needed creamer, everything else we could have done without (you know like milk, cheese, bread...) The we came home and the boys took their nap. The big kids played at the neighbors and I got to be on the computer uninterrupted and Brad got to be outside in his garden uninterrupted. As I said it has been a Glorious day! We go to church tonight and then tomorrow we will be doing a small celebration (One friend gets to come) at pump it up and then to Home town buffet for lunch (He gasped with delight multiple times at the thought of the buffet!) For the Prince's birthday. It is actually next Saturday but he will be at his Dad's house so we are doing just a small something.


Holly said...

I am sooooo glad you've had a good day Kristen!!

Cris said...

Wahoo for you momma! Hope the prince had a fun birthday celebration with you!

ps. how's the garden going? I'm so curious to see what your green-thumb hubby has done.