Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Party

We sent the princess to one Grandmas house to have "girly" time and the boys went with the other Grandma to McDonald's and the park. Then Daddy and I had 8 little boys in the house. It was so awesome! I was dressed up as a witch and Brad was a 1920's business man (so he said, his costume was pieced together) Brad was in charge of 2 games-a balloon pull (the number on your balloon determined your # of prizes from the prize bucket) and water balloon toss. I was in charge of musical chairs and this icky game where you put things like cooked and oiled noodles (brains) in container in a bag and they blindly feel inside and try to guess what body part it is. There was cold cooked oatmeal (guts), unpopped popcorn (teeth), yarn (hair), peeled grapes (eyeballs) and more. It was so funny. We had one boy who was three and every time it was his turn to feel he would do it but when it was time for him to guess, Brad would say "okay what d you think it was?" and he would say "Yuck" then Brad would say" yeah, but what do you think it is?" He would reply "YUCK!" He was adorable. The Prince felt so special to have something just for him and his friends.

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Genny said...

cute! I was wondering why i didn't see you guys at the church. Glad you and the prince had a great time!