Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Night-Pizza Making

The serious pizza chef of the group

A pizza dough mustache

Daddy wasn't available for this family night he had a lot of homework to do-this one was a couple weeks ago, it was terribly hard to help four kids make pizza but they had fun. The Prince put both sauces-red and pesto, he also put chicken, tomatoes, and any sort of topping I had out. It was so cute and so yummy. It took forever for me to clean up because first I made the pesto sauce from the basil in the backyard. I was going to make my own pizza dough but I ended up buying it at Trader Joe's, thank goodness for that. It is really neat because the kids gets excited now when we say " It's Friday, It's Family Night!" The Princess says "Yeah, Family Night!!!"

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Genny said...

Great family night tradition your starting! Pizzas look yummy!