Thursday, December 4, 2008


I just read their blog. As soon as I saw it at the top of my blogroll I knew what had happened. I am so sad. We brought them a meal a few months back and I was on the phone with skip for about 20 minutes just talking. He asked me abut our kids and I told him how the boys were premature and about the munchkins CP. And at the end of the conversation he asked me if he could pray for us. I felt so undeserving-he has been suffering with brain cancer for about 5 years now and he is praying for me?? When I got off the phone I prayed, and prayed and prayed for him. I never really knew him except for that phone call. I was Hannah's preschool teacher at the church when she was 4 (I think she is 11 or 12 now) I know Linda much better than I knew Skip. I can't even imagine what their family is feeling right now. Please pray for peace for them.

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