Sunday, December 28, 2008

Three Stitches

And unbelievably cute! Bad news is that he is allergic to latex, we now know this because of the redGreat news though. They did a CT scan to see if he had a concussion and while looking at it the doctor noticed (What we already knew) that part of his right parietal lobe is missing. The doctor was about to discuss it with Brad when Brad said, Oh I know about the missing part of his brain already, he happened at birth. The doctor was relieved that Brad knew already. The cool part was that aftder reviewing the CT scan further the doctor noticed that the left side of his brain was enlarged, in a good way. It is compensating for the missing part. He said that in 15 years he may only have a slight delay. Which to me translates into he may one day get married and have children, which means the world to me.

Here you can see the reaction to the band-aid. Actually The prince and I are both allergic to latex. And after my fetoscopic laser surgery when pregnant with the twins we found out I was allergic to the surgical glue. My reaction to the glue was terrible! They almost put that on his eye instead of stitches. Good thing!


Becky said...

I love the new look!

Poor little boy . . .I'm glad he is okay though! There's always something, huh?

Holly said...

Even with the cut and stitches this is seriously such a cute picture!! Glad everything is okay and that is GREAT news to hear about the left side being enlarged! God is so good and has His own masterplan for each one of us!

Webb Family said...

did you go to eisenhower? which doc did you have? glad he is o.k. and cute pic!boys will be boys!i'm waiting for the day i have to take teagan in to see my coworkers. :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Great news about his brain compensating!!!