Sunday, December 28, 2008

You'd never guess!

First thing you'd never guess is the great deal we got on a 1953 hutch at a thrift store. We decided 2 days ago we wanted a hutch for some better storage solutions and last night we went looking some were $280 used and $400 new, that wasn't going to work for our budget. So we tried one more store and found the perfect one that was the perfect size and it was only $90 marked down from $240. What a steal!!! Brad picked it up today. Here it is in all it's glory.

Sooooo while I was helping Brad take it out of the van, actually we barely had opened the van door when from inside we heard crash... wahhh. We ran in knowing what we would find, mostly anyway. The boys have been pushing themselves away from the dining room table and then they decide to pull themselves back up to it from their booster chairs. Which is fine, except when the munchkin does it he isn't strong enough to slide straight back up to the table so he, only once before, has fallen face down with the chair on top of him. Very scary, we thought he learned his lesson and we have been careful with his placement at the table. Today he fell again. So when we ran inside he was under the chair. And apparently he hit the table on his way down. The cut continued slightly bleeding so after we took the hutch out of the van and put his car seat back in, Brad took him to the emergency room to see if he needs stitches. Brad put a butterfly stitch on his cut to help with the bleeding. This sweet boy has now had 2 emergency room visits, the seven year-old has had 0. I think the munchkin is not as innocent as we all think he is. No really though he only cried for a second, he sure is tough!

I will post about Christmas and everything soon, I promise!


Danielle said...

I'm pretty sure every family has their accident prone child and it looks like you've discovered yours (we have one too). Poor little guy, he's tough though, just look at that smile! The hutch is absolutely beautiful, good job on the find!

Hailey said...

Oh how I miss that sweet face! I haven't seen you in forever or watched the boys. Hopefully I get to see you all this Wednesday. Glad he's on the mend and he was a trooper with the stitches.

Also - can I just tell you how much i LOVE your hutch. Seriously - that is a stellar find! Is it in good condition or do you feel like you need to paint it? It looks in great condition, but I know you can't always tell in pictures. God is so good! Great find! I just went antique shopping this weekend and can't wait to blog about my finds.