Thursday, August 19, 2010

Having some serious trouble

During our vacation we took 1,400 pictures. That is a lot of stinkin' pictures. It was two weeks of travel and we apparantly didn't want to miss anything! The trouble comes in because blogger is making it very difficult for me to upload, organize and find the pictures for each post. I am not sure how I am going to fix this problem or if I will just have to skip over all vacation pics and continue with posts about regular life. I really want my vacation pics on here so if anyone has suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!


Rissy Roo said...

I find that the max I an upload successfully at a time is 3 pictures. But then of course, they aren't in any sort or order. If I need them chronologically, I upload them individually. Hope that helps...if it isn't something you already know. I WANT PICTURES!!!! So glad you got to take everyone back to your homeland!

Kelly said...

Windows live writer. Download it. That's the only way I blog. You just drag your pictures over and type. Super, supe easy, plus you can make them different sizes, even crop and edit them.