Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!!

The top two pictures I took the night before Valentine's day so I could include it with Daddy's present. From start to finish with setting up "the backdrop" adding the decorations, dressing the kids and then taking the 30 or so pictures took about an hour. Oh I also had to give candy to encourage smiles and the TV was on behind me so they would stay in one place AND look in my direction, I was sweating and exhausted when we were done! Then we stayed up to decorate so when they came out in the morning it was festive and fun. We had heart shaped pancakes and special treasures in little bags that I decorated

Opening their chocolates from their sister He shoved and entire chocolate in his mouth!Playing with peanut butter play-doh

He wanted to eat the play-doh (fine with it has me lots of calories!)

Smiles!!Opening his treasure bagSporting her new visor that daddy made for herHugs from the only Valentine she'll ever have (according to Daddy)

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