Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Updates on the Twins

I realize it has been a very long time since I have updated everyone on the status of my twins. They just turned 4 in September which is incredibly unbelievable! The munchkin stopped drinking his super high calorie formula from a bottle in July and his growth has been amazing. He had been throwing up a lot because the formula would fill his tummy too much. Then he wouldn’t eat real food. The GI doctor is the one who wanted him on it for so long but I am glad we finally stopped giving it to him. He now weighs 22 pounds! he has gained 2 pounds since stopping the formula. It is so very exciting to see him sitting at the table devouring a grilled cheese sandwich. Some days he is our best eater!

The bulldozer has some news of his own. We have been really noticing since about a year ago that he has some serious behavior issues that he wasn’t growing out of like we had hoped. He would almost go in waves behaviorally. He will be great, kind and helpful and then for the next week terrible spurts of screaming and being unable to make his bed or put on his clothes. I am sad to say that for a while we would get angry with him. Thinking he was just being stubborn or lazy, after all he could do these things yesterday. We took him to Mental Health Services and after much evaluation they diagnosed him with PDD-NOS which is on the autism spectrum. We don’t know a whole lot right now but we are learning. Especially we are learning to approach him differently. He has some fears and terrible nail biting to where he hardly has any fingernails at all. I called Loma Linda University today to see if we can get an appointment with them.

All in all both boys are doing well. We got new glasses for the munchkin and they are already scratched. If anyone knows us we always have trouble with glasses for that boy! I will have to drive out to riverside and order new lenses to fit his glasses. There is some news about our oldest the prince but I will update everyone on that in another post.  Thanks for joining me in my journey to being a better blogger!

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Genny said...

Thanks for updating. I think about you guys a lot! Miss you!!