Saturday, October 23, 2010

Continued Vacation Pictures: Proving Ground And Lighthouse in Maryland

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Sunday we went to church and then ventured over to the Proving ground where my aunt works. I had been there many years ago with my dad to look at all the tanks and wanted to take the Prince. It was fun but super hot so we didn’t last very long. Then we went over to the lighthouse in Havre De Grace. The last time Dad had taken me there it had a rickety, unattached dock that would move like crazy when the boats would go by. Apparently a hurricane, Katrina I think someone said, destroyed the dock. The lighthouse was awesome. The last time I went there I was unable to go inside and this time it was open! It was so hot that the kids were just whining and crying and melting. We also got to go inside the light keepers house. Concord Point Lighthouse is really pretty and it is the only lighthouse I have ever been inside. I love lighthouses!!!

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